The cultural association Il Giardino della Torre

The cultural association Il Giardino della Torre was created to enhance the cultural heritage that is now part of our history, such as the Torre del Soccorso. Thanks to the vision of Antonio Piazza, a lawyer who in 1813 bought the garden, the bastion, and the Tower, today we can reconstruct the garden of the nineteenth-century Arcadia with the imagination. We would like to align with your open-air museum project and continue to believe in a dream thanks to the support of our precious partners.

What we offer

The enhancement project that we want to implement includes spaces for dialogue with the territory, conferences, study days, book presentations, concerts, theatrical activities. What distinguishes us is the passion for culture and for the history that surrounds us which we believe to be the key that opens our gates to users and visitors.
giardinodellatorre esperienze

The gathering of Francesca Benvegnù

Francesca Benvegnù has been involved in museum communication and education on archaeological and cultural heritage since 1996.
Italy is a cultural treasure and each city in its territory offers unique experiences related to art, archeology, science, and nature. The Giardino della Torre presents itself as a cultural place of excellence, capable of reviving the taste for Beauty and Knowledge. Famous writers, artists, and scientists are members of the Scientific Committee which aims to create a new Arcadia, according to the proposal of Antonio Piazza, owner of the Tower in 1813 and a lover of the Arts. Evenings, events, exhibitions but also moments of elevation of the spirit to return to that golden age longed for in the works of the great writers of ancient times.

Our Places

The Catena Bastion

1405 is the year in which Padua enters the orbit of Venetian power and, from this moment, it will enjoy a long period of development and peace, interrupted for a short moment by the Cambrai war which took place in the early 1500s. Venice, in the sixteenth century, will decide to equip the city with new walls, more solid to face the new weapons that used gunpowder; Thus, it was decided, in the area where our Tower stands, to move the Saracinesca door (the door that allowed to block the river passage) a few meters further south and to build a defense bastion. Today this place created for the protection of Padua is a meeting place and a showcase for the sale of our partners' products.
bastione della catena giardinodellatorre

The centuries-old park

A secret garden in the heart of Padua is part of the Soccorso Tower and the Catena Bastion complex. The important vegetation present is the added value that makes this place magical and fairytale. A negundo maple, dating back to the discovery of America, stands in the middle of the garden, becoming a real botanical curiosity. Also noteworthy is the western lime tree which was certainly part of the nineteenth-century layout of the garden. Antonio Piazza's great project, in fact, consisted in transforming a simple green space into an ornate grove, not only with particular and sought-after botanical species, but also with small temples and epigraphs that made this place an open-air museum.